How it works

Build your cannabis business with funding from CFI!

Are you interested in building your cannabis business?

Are you seeking funding to build your cannabis business?

If you are then you must meet the qualifications below:

  1. Have a legally registered cannabis or CBD business.
  2. Have at least 10k in deposits into a Bank account
  3. No more that 7 NSF’s in one calendar month.
  4. Be in business for over a year.
  5. Have 3 months bank statements to prove the above.
  6. A completely filled out application

Approvals take less than 2 business days with all the required documents.

Contact us at 928-706-6769 for this application or you can get funding from 6k to 850k is available apply now here

We do work on larger contracts ( 850k to 50 mil or more) with another firm called Large Business funding

If you have any other questions please give us a ring.

Office: 928-706-6769

Personal Loans

Now if you need just a little cash $500 to $1000 quickly you can apply here

If you need up to $3000 apply here

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